Join Neighbourhood Watch booklet

General information on the Neighbourhood Watch program including how to join.

Secure Living – Multi-Residential Accommodation


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Suspicious Behaviour brochure


Suspicious behaviour can refer to incidents, events, individuals or circumstances that seem unusual or out of place. This handy guide offers practical tips on:

  • How to report
  • What to report
  • Who to report it to
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Diagrammatic Safety Brochures

NHWA has produced diagrammatic brochures that are specifically designed for culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) community members. Through visual learning the basic ideals and values of Neighbourhood Watch are portrayed to ensure that the Australian principles of keeping yourself, your family and your belongings safe are shared with people newly arrived in Australia.

Through a series of diagrammatic illustrations, each brochures depicts examples of correct behaviours/decisions required for keeping themselves and their property safe. The series of brochures also list interpretation service contact details, along with the emergency and non urgent police assistance telephone numbers.

YOU DECIDE book series

The ‘You Decide’ series of educational books have been produced by NHWA as part of the ongoing resources and educational programs targeted specifically for the needs of indigenous Australian communities, to help address community safety and crime prevention issues.

At School, You Decide

Jannali and Mallee need your help to make a good choice about going to school every day. When we go to school, we get to learn important things, keep healthy and have lots of fun playing with friends. Can you help Jannali and Mallee to make the right choice?

Right from Wrong, You Decide

Tyson has found a lost football on his school grounds and he isn’t sure what to do. Tyson needs your help to decide if he should keep the football or hand it in to the school. Can you help Tyson make the right choice?

Help to Report, You Decide

On her way to school one day, Mandie sees something that she knows is wrong. Mandie needs your help to report what she saw. Follow the step by step series of questions and you can help Mandie to report the crime.

Speak Up booklet

 ‘Speak Up’ is an educational resource for Indigenous community members and other community members where English is not their first language. ‘Speak Up’ is designed to enable people who need help, to know how and when to call emergency services.

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